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Here is the first videThe FLASHMONI Blockchain on live mode soon!o of 6 interviews record in May 2019.

In an era of technological transformations at every level of our day to day life, we are creating a distributed ledger solution to meet with today’s problems for most financial clients and users. In doing so, we explored all the possible solutions in the market in terms of financial services, Blockchain technologies, banking wallet and security solutions for all transactions and make it easy for our clients and partners.

Following detailed studies and being responsible for our clients’ financial matters, as well as the growth of the company and clients’ needs, we created our own blockchain, coin, token and digital wallet that will incorporate multiple bank accounts (both Fiat and Crypto), thinking of our modern necessities. When it comes to our finances, we all want to have security, fast transactions and pay lower or no fees than we currently do use traditional banking and even modern wallets, exchanges and payment solutions. In trying to achieve this, the problem and solution became a greater challenge, but you will be pleased to know that we never gave up the challenge. …

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