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Following the recent statements by the leaders of the Flash4people company, FlashGroup wishes to clarify the reasons that led to the end of the supplier-customer partnership that should have united our two groups.
Contrarily to what Flash4people declares, it was not their leaders who terminated the future collaboration, but the FlashGroup.
We have always known that our activity is in this sector is very important. We bring new solutions, amazing evolutions open to the whole world, and because of this we became the target of many wolves throughout the development of our company. The challenges brought by our technology, our expertise, our ecosystem and our leading position in the market have always forced us to be vigilant. And we had to be vigilant with Flash4people when we realized that their intentions were not the same as ours. We reminded the said company Flash4people the circumstances under which we had met. Between November and December 2018 Mr Fabrice Kerhervé and the President of FlashGroup met in Portugal. During these exchanges Mr Fabrice Kerhervé, who was still President of a Natura4ever then (a company selling wellness products), was looking for a payment processor for a future company called “Natura4ever International”. This company was also providing wellness products. The same products as Natura4ever.

Flashmoni saw it as a way to promote its cryptocurrency and gain additional users since the products would have been paid in OZTG and not in FIAT money. Our solutions were absolutely not supposed to be used as products. We simply had to provide a means of payment. In January 2019 we were taken aback by the sudden change of course when Fabrice Kerhervé told us that he would no longer work at Natura4Ever and that his company Natura4Ever International, for which he needed our payment processor, was closing.

He needed to come up with a solution quickly to be able to capture and divert the Natura4ever network via Patrick and Sandra Colin who had been distributors for the company for 5 years back then.

Since he had no idea what he wanted to do, he tried to retain all the products and tools that Flashmoni had offered by promising hundreds of thousands of OZTG users within a few months. To win our trust, he claimed that he had an international network composed of hundreds of thousands of people ready to follow him in all his projects with their eyes closed. Moreover, he, Patrick and Sandra Colin, as well as a handful of members, purchased OZTGs at a preferential rate and before everyone else to attract customers.

We informed them that they did not have permission to use the Flashmoni solutions in mlm because it would be both illegal and dangerous. So we refused this first solution. When they came back to us later we suggested to them that they should create a market place that would bring together several products.

As we absolutely did not want to be associated with a potential breach or any non-competition clause that they could have signed when they left Natura4ever, the President of FlashGroup repeatedly asked the leaders of Flash4people not to take any action that could go to against this.

They defended themselves on the subject. As they state in their press release, they explained to us that they had 45 years of experience and that everything they were doing was clean or in the gray zone according to them.

We eventually realized that these people were looking for a way to offer the same products as Natura4Ever at all cost. One of them went to a laboratory in Switzerland with Natura4Ever products to copy them.

For ethical reasons FlashGroup decided to conduct their own investigation to avoid being in the midst of a possible conflict between these two parties. We also asked Flash4peole to change strategy and to create new products instead of copying Natura4Ever products. They did not, therefore our president decided to put an end to the collaboration. We were unequivocal about it. We absolutely did not want to be associated with these products.

The President of FlashGroup himself, who had already sued a former collaborator for the same problems and for defamation, was not aligned with this lack of sound values.

The more time passed and the more they put pressure on us. They wanted to be granted access to all of our elements. They wanted us to hand all our work and everything that our group possessed to them on a silver plate. They did not talk about us as a supplier but instead they presented FlashGroup as the parent company of the group and Flash4people as the commercial branch. They would tell these distorted elements during their promotional events, in public rooms and on social networks. We even had to give details on the nature of our partnership in a recent interview to avoid confusion.

We wanted them to delete all these lies from their official documents because they led to believe that they possessed 2.4 tons of gold and that they had launched an ICO that had raised $ 72 million in funding, not to mention the whole strategy and work led by Flashmoni.

As they liked to say:

“You have to make the network dream!”

Besides, what is this network?
Their promise of hundreds of thousands of people that they made to us seemed increasingly distant. Indeed, once again 99% of the leaders who were presented to us were coming from Natura4ever. Therefore we strongly feared that they might try to hijack the network and harm the image of our company.

We advised them to step back so that they could build something trouble free because it was obvious that they were rushing into things. Seeing their reactions and what they were asking from the President of the FlashGroup, we came up with the conclusion that they actually wanted to put us in the middle of a settling of accounts.

To protect our business model, we took care to give them as little information as we could because we did not want to be their new victim.
We knew that sooner or later they would try to copy our ecosystem, just like they were trying to copy Natura4ever. We do not have 45 years of experience in the network marketing but we know the business world very well and we cannot be fooled.

Fabrice Kerhervé put pressure on us and put forward his experience. We did our research and found out that over the last 10 years there was no trace of a network marketing business that he set up and that would have been running, even for 1 year to 2 years only. Moreover from March 2018 until now there are 4 cases of businesses that he has failed or was dismissed for (including 3 times when he was a founder). This was one more reason not to disclose all of our elements and documents to him.

On June 4, 2019 this statement confirmed that we were right:
“We are going to do the exact the same thing … we are looking for a space and a blockchain to replicate this project.”

They showed their true colors in a desperate attempt to hide their inability to set up a coherent, solid and ethical project.

It should be noted that it was FlashGroup at its own expense that was supposed to bring FlashWallet, Flashcard, OZTCARD, FlashNod, FlashExchanger and all the soft and hardware. Quite simply, all the services that they put forward to recruit their future investors.
Regarding the OZT purchases, Flash4people did not have any license. They nonetheless have always wanted to bank purchases even though we warned them on multiple occasions about the risks and that this was totally illegal and irresponsible.

Flashmoni has licenses, and we wanted this to go through our channels because we are a payment platform regulated by the Estonian authorities. This is another example that proves that their lack of transparency, of seriousness and vision were at odds with our values. Of course the people present that day were able to notice this divergence of vision and direction.

We denied Flash4People all their fanciful requests: procession of luxury cars, alcohol in the middle of Ramadan in a country that makes a point of respecting religious traditions. They even wanted physical gold on stage, which is totally illegal. As usual, this did not stop them from putting pressure on the president of the Flashgroup in order to impress the people who had come. Against our will and the ethics of our group they made promises in their communications and tried to force our hand to keep their word. At this point we almost gave in, but at the end of the event we were very happy that we had stuck to our position and that we had not incurred any additional costs again.

The show that we witnessed was staggering and proved that Flash4people relied solely on the FlashGroup. Their speech and their lack of presentation of the project made us realize that this partnership could not work.

In the evening, we made the decision to do what we had already decided several times, 10 days before going to Dubai.

We only attended this event out of respect for the people who had travelled all the way to Dubai. We would have loved to hear positive things in line with our vision, this would have made us change our mind, but this did not happen. The very diverse international network that we had been promised was missing. For once, as we interacted with the guests we noticed that 80-90% of them were Francophones and that most of them were French people working for Natura4ever.
It must be noted that 2 days before the launch of the event, a meeting was held with our President. This was a last ditch attempt to negotiate a partnership with Flash4people to the disadvantage of the Flashgroup and we refused to sign any agreement.
Moreover, we would like to remind that we purposely did not divulge all information related to the gold as we were concerned that the President of Flash4people might twist our words to make people dream.
Please note that our utility token is not asset backed but “asset pegged”. This means that its intrinsic price depends on the quantity of gold held by our global custodian. This company will be audited 4 times per year by one of the top 4 global audit firms. We will not fail to publish all the necessary documents for our community. FlashGroup and its legal teams are currently assessing the economic and non-material damages and we will certainly disclose the costs generated by Flash4people and its leaders.

Of course we share our responsibilities because we should have been firmer, we should not have believed their promises and we should have terminated this partnership earlier. We have a bright future ahead of us. The best is yet to come and we will keep doing what we do best.
Creativity, innovation, evolution and transparency.
FLASH GROUP support team
Best regards

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