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At a glance, we thought that we could rely on market solutions to release our architecture. Still, we quickly find out that it was way too complicated to deploy our ecosystem using the actual market offer. We have reoriented smoothly our thought even if we already announced it to our community in the Flashpaper that we might act that way.

FlashXchanger is one of the FlashGroup solutions which will allow the company to be independent and unique.

We are willing to become the first and preferred choice, for the niche market of people who in their Coin picking strategy want to create a basket only with cryptocurrencies link to a tangible asset like real-estate, commodities and so on and so forth.

FlashX” must become a well-known brand in that particular area, the additional feature brought by this Estonian Exchange is to encourage owners of cryptocurrency to use physical cold storage alternative solution to store their valuable coins Always!

There is a lot of digital asset exchange out there, and we must have a governance and marketing strategy utterly different from other actors. That’s the main reason why people land on a full advertising page when they are going on Flashxchanger, no banners or regular ads technics. Users will see what they are willing to see and they will be paid for it, that’s the revolutionary system called FlashAdchain who is under development for almost 16 months and should be released first quarter in 2020.

This strategy will allow our FlashX to propose coins with intrinsic value on a top-notch platform using the latest technology. Still, the exchange wants to offer in the short run, free execution fees, free transfers and give users the same spread that they get without applying extra cost while they are trading digital asset because of this “Adchain” feature.

We are convinced that our “Golden Data” strategy mixed with our Coin picking leitmotiv will be the solution making us apart from other exchange in the industry.

Starting this month, users can begin to register and comply with KYC/AML on the FlashX site.

Those who already proceed to the swap process a few months ago will find their accounts funded, for the other a swap function will be available in their exchange.

That will allow them to exchange the OZTG ERC20 Token that they bought during the Crowdsale rounds against OZTG coin powered by the Blockchain OZEETY.

We will let the possibility to owners to make this swap until January 31st 2020 at the fixed price rate of $ 0.137.

The ERC20 version of the OZTG will not be listed officially in FlashX nor anywhere else, only OZTG coin will have official value and will fluctuate upon the market using our Velocity-control management.

We will not accept during the extra swap period, any people who bought The OZTG ERC2O token in the secondary market!

We will privilege our accurate and updated database of more than 24k people, so far 13k already comply with KYC/AML.

We will start to communicate with our exchange community through our Discord channel (flashxchanger-officiel) but also our support at [email protected].

It’s just a beginning, we thanks all our supporters but also all our loudest “ill-wisher”.

FlashX Team

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