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If Ethereum has been the most used platform for the ICOs so far, it has been mainly used to raise money and not to launch final products (no use of the token by the masses).
Many companies looking for investors with an ICO are immobilized in the Ethereum platform as they are waiting:
1/ to finalize the project described in their white paper,
2/ (but mainly) for Ethereum to reach scalability with thousands of tx/sec.
Ethereum has some limitations:

  • It accepts around 15 tx/second, which means that if 2% of the ICOs went into prod, the network would be saturated,
  • Founders talk about reaching scalability from 2 to 4 years for Ethereum
  • Some fees are high and fluctuate (0,3 dollar today against over 2 dollars in January)
    Most ICOs contemplate a massive use of the token and cannot pay/charge even only 0,1 dollar per smart contract operation. …

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