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The Smartcard OZTCARD must be the core component of FlashXchanger and Flashwallet.

We do not want to be another Digital wallet or Crypto-Exchange without bringing added value.

Today’s reality is hundred of million Dollars being hacked on exchanges because of lack of security from both part user and solution provider and we decided to come up with an alternative security layer for our user.

In a nutshell, to access to FlashXchanger crypto transaction, users willing to have extra security must have an OZTCARD to login and validate transactions. By example, for every trades above $ 1k, validation through OZTCARD will be mandatory.

Why are we different from the current market solutions?

Instead of a 4–8 figures code on hardware or a google authenticator or even a password sent by text message on your mobile phone, we are proposing a biometric validation via the OZTCARD and the RFID, NFC, Bluetooth or wifi interaction with the app adding extraordinary security layer! …

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