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For the users

1 – Allow for quick access with no obstacles to access! 

Our solution has been expected to target over 2 billion individuals and beyond. A few of these people do not have access to the standard banking system, and therefore it is essential to have easy access to our blockchain-power solution.

Our target demographic does not have a credit or debit card, nor do they have a bank account. As a result, by taking payment via mobile, cash, debit card, or cryptocurrency, we are able to provide widespread access to our solution via our hardware device ‘Flashcryptostation.’ 

Users will be able to purchase any cryptocurrency in exchange for chosen fiat cash and vice versa.

2 – Collection point for OZTCARD

Those who do not have a fixed address can order their OZTCARD at the local Flashcryptostation location point (Mall, Airport, shops, etc…) and pick it up when it is ready or collect it from another location.

3 – There is no cashout!

People will not be able to withdraw cash from the Station; instead, they will be allowed to deposit cash in authorised fiat currencies. Withdrawing money from a standard ATM will be possible using the OZTCARD. 

We are fighting for a cashless society and are confident that this strategy will eventually allow people to feel more at ease using “digital cash” in the form of any coinage presented on the station to pay bills and other things.

4 – Reliable remittance service 

Send remittances using our universal transactional utility coin “OZTG” via the “Station.” It will be instant with no hidden fees, or in other words, “hassle-free”!

5 – Local advertising station 

Local merchants will be able to display their adverts on the Cryptostation’s 32-inch touch screen, which can be static, interactive, or even video.

For the Merchants

1 – Establish yourself as a cryptocurrency local hub. 

Users will use the FlashApp to locate the nearest Flashcryptostation, bringing more business to the merchant location.

2 – Obtain a lifetime percentage benefit 

On all transactions done on the “Station” housed in his business, as well as on every OZTCARD order.

3 – Take advantage of our loyalty programme 

Customers will be able to spend their loyalty points in your business, and if you subscribe to our services, you will be able to award loyalty points to your users. 

Because those points are marketable in the Flashxchanger, your users will be able to use them to purchase real-world goods and services.

4 – Flashgroup Support 

The Flashgroup will be in charge of all maintenance.

5 – Supporting cryptocurrency approval 

The merchant will be able to take authorised cryptocurrencies as payment in their shop, and they will also be able to exchange it into Fiat currency and deposit it to their bank account instantaneously and for free using the Flashgroup ecosystem!

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